How to judge receiver card failure for J Series and L Series displays?


  • all cabinets are blank after a receiver card ( if no redundant signal)


  • NovaStar
  • Nova MCTRL660 sender box
  • MRV300Q
  • Gold Family Displays
    • J Series Display


1. If one RC card is fails, it will lead to all cabinets are blank after this RC( if no redundant signal).

RC failure.jpg 

You can use the NovaStar software (pictured above) to identify receiver cards not communicating the sending box/card.  Send configuration parameters to each receiver card.   If are not able to send the parameters to the receiver card, you will know that the receiver card is not communicating.


  1. Make sure power is going to the card
    • The cards in the cabinet should have a solid red light and a green flashing light. 
  2. Check the cat 6 cable from the sending card to the receiver card. Swap this out for a new cable if necessary.
  3. Replace the receiver card with a new one and cycle power to the entire display.
    • After replacing a receiver card, if the section is blank, try sending receiver card configuration to the specific receiver card instead of sending it to all.
    • If the recently replaced section still appears blank, or bright white, it might be because the new receiver card has not read the dimming values yet.  Switch the display to test pattern and then back to normal content to force it to quickly read the correct dimming levels. 

RC card.jpg 


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