Content stutters / chugs during playback in a DMP-8000 system


  • Content chugs during playback
  • Content doesn't play smooth when triggered


  • DMP-8000
  • Display Studio


  • If you have two sets of active zones playing on top of each other, it will cause the content to lag.
    • Ex. You have an 'L BAR GIP' look playing underneath a 'WINGS GIP' look. Content in that 'WINGS GIP' look will lag.


  • Update to latest release. An update to 7.16 (or greater) of 8000 offers improvements for playing multiple zone layers with RTD data.

Work Around

  • You must blank the zones underneath that you don't need so only one active zone or set of active zones are playing at a time.
  • Ex. Blank your 'L BAR GIP' look before playing out your 'WINGS GIP' look.
  • Script your buttons to do this in your Display Studio button.

KB ID: DD3342530

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