Message Center will not communicate, Ethernet Bridge Radios, client ETH Link LED is not lit (1 of 2)


  • No communication to message center through EBRs.
  • Unable to update content or messages on the sign.
  • EBR Diagnostics utility shows both radios but connection between client radio and sign controller is red.
  • Client radio ETH Link LED is not lit even though it is getting power.
  • Able to successfully ping both the server and client radios.
  • Successfully able to ping the sign when direct connected to the controller.


  • Message Center
  • AF-3500 series, GPx series displays, GS6, GC6
  • Ethernet Bridge Radios (EBR) with dual gland QC cable


  • Loose Ethernet radio cable connection to sign Quick Connect (QC) card.


  1. Re-secure Ethernet radio cable to QC on display.
  2. Re-transmit messages.

KB ID: DD3326536

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