How to Load and Script Content using Show Control and DMP-7000 Systems


  • How load content into players for Show Control and DMP-7000 System
  • How to create a button that triggers your content that you just loaded into DMP-7000 system


  • Show Control
  • DMP-7000


  1. Put the content you wish to load onto your displays on a flash drive or make sure you can access it from an FTP site.
  2. Load your content into a specific V7000 folder on the V7000 computer which you can access from your Show Control computer.  Note: Although you are accessing the folder through the Show Control computer, the content actually lives on the V7000 computer, not the Show Control Computer.
      1.  The V7000 folder will be located in a letter drive that will be mapped under My Computer on your Show Control Computer.  The drive should have a name similar to V7000 (\\V7main-p).  
        Mapped 7000 drive folder.PNG
      2. If it is not mapped, it can be found by going to My Computer -> Network ->V7Main-P -> V7000 on your Show Control computer.
  3. Locate the sub folders for each sign in your system inside the V7000 folder. These sub folders should include the size of your signs (windows and zones) for your specific display. 
      Sub folder picture.PNG
  4. Place your content inside the folders ending in .Lib inside the sign folders by copying it over from where ever it was stored.  You can use the default.Lib folder or create your own folder as long as the file extension is .Lib. 
    Lib Folders.PNG
  5. Next, open your Show Control workspace and create a new scripting container so you can script your content.  To create a new scripting container, open your workspace page and right click in any blank space and go to  new -> Scripting Container.  Hit save on the pop up. Then right click a blank space in your new scripting container and select new button.  
  6. Configure your button by clicking though the numbers at the top of the button.
    1. Step 1 - Select DMP-7000 Player Control.
    2. Step 2 - Select the sign you want to play the content to by placing a check mark by that sign.
    3. Step 3 - Select Play.
    4. Step 4 - Click the Add button to browse to the content that you wish to play out.
    5. Step 5 - Click Continuous if you would like the file to loop OR click the number of times if you would like the file to only play.         
  7. Name your button by deleting the word PLAY at the top of the button and naming it what you wish.
  8. Click save.
  9. Click the button you just created which will activate the script and play your content. You will now see your content play on your display.

KB ID: DD3316677

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