How to create a presentation using the Venus Control Suite Web Compositor.


  • How do I create a presentation using the Venus Control Suite Web Compositor?
  • How do I create a new Web Presentation?
  • How do I create a message using the Web ​​​Editor?


  • Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted
  • Venus Control Suite Locally Hosted


  1. Launch and log into Venus Control Suite by following, How to log into Venus Control Suite., DD2973047.
  2. Select Media from the left side menu.
  3. Click the blue dropdown arrow next to the Upload button.
  4. Select New Web Presentation.
  5. Title the presentation, select the target display size, and click Continue.
  6. To add an image, select the image icon at the top. Items from the media library will populate.
    • Note: Do not delete the image used from Venus Control Suite unless it is not being used in a playlist. If it is deleted the piece of content in the playlist with the image will no longer be displayed on the sign.
  7. To add text, click the document icon at the top. Type in desired text under Properties, Text. You can also duplicate an element by clicking on the duplicate (copy) icon.
  8. All formatting for an element is done under the Properties column that appears once an element is selected.
  9. To reorder the layering of elements, drag and drop from the Elements column.
  10. Additional slides can be added by clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner under the Slide column or you can duplicate a slide by clicking on the duplicate (copy) icon next to the layout.
  11. The hold time of content can be adjusted for each slide by typing in the desired hold time. This will only be available in the Web Compositor if multiple slides are added. To adjust hold time for a single slide presentation follow How to add custom constraints to a playlist file in Venus Control Suite., DD3331556 when scheduling.
  12. Click the blue Save button or the drop down to select Save As.

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