Modes of Operation for VIP-4400 (Previously known as V-Link)


  • What are the modes of operation for VIP-4400 (Previously known as V-Link)?


  • VIP-4400
  • DMP-7000


From the DMP-7000 shell, open the V-LINK controller. Click details to reveal all the settings. Use the drop-down arrow under data sources to reveal the different modes of operation.


- Venus Mode

Only a DMP-7000 controlled system has the ability to run in Venus mode. While in this mode, the VIP accepts a V-MAX signal from the DMP-7000 and will only allow sequences or graphics to display. No live video will pass through the VIP while using Venus mode. This option is primarily used for systems with no live video or for troubleshooting purposes.

- Video Mode

When video mode is selected, the video inputs take priority on all four channels of the unit. Each channel can be assigned a different video input, such as a DMP-8000 player, camera, or switcher. This option allows for smooth transitions between full screen video sources. In order to see graphic content from the DMP-7000 while in video mode, all four channels need to be faded down to 0 for the V-MAX feed to be visible. Channels are faded on a scale between 0 and 256 either manually in the V-LINK controller or through a scripting button.

- Overlay Mode

Overlay mode is the most common option with a DMP-7000 controlled display and cannot be used with a display controlled by a DMP-8000. Similar to Venus, the VMax signal takes priority in the VIP. All graphics and sequences being played from the DMP-7000 will be displayed. In addition, the VIP uses key colors to pass the video inputs. Each channel is set to a unique key color such as green 247, when playing out a full screen graphic of green 247 from the DMP-7000, the live video feed will display instead.

- Chroma Mode

Chroma, the most advanced option, also uses key colors to display live video. In Chroma mode, the key color must be generated from an external source. This source could be a DMP-8000 player, a switcher, or a graphics generator. Chroma allows for a range of colors to be keyed for smoother transitions and edges around video. When using this option, channel one on the VIP must be the Chroma source.  


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