How to update the VFC controller's LCD screens firmware


  • How do I update the firmware for the VFC's LCD screen?


  • VFC (Vanguard Field Controller)
  • USB extender cable
  • HID Bootloader program
  • Computer


  1. Download the following files to your computer.
    1. DD2153780.hex
    2. HID Bootloader
    3. libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
    4. mingwm10.dll
    5. QtGui4.dll
    6. QtCore4.dll
  2. Turn the VFC controller off.
  3. Take the top cover off the controller by removing the screws.
  4. Unplug the USB cable from the player that comes from the LCD screen.
  5. Plug your USB extender to the USB cable going to the LCD screen & the other end to your computer.
  6. Turn the VFC controller on & do the following 2 steps immediately. You have 10 seconds before the program disconnects.
  7. Open the HID Bootloader program.
  8. Click on the folder icon.
  9. Select DD2153780.hex.
  10. Select the  Icon to the right of the folder icon to send the file.
  11. The Program will say "Device detached" & the controller will reboot once complete.
  12. The controller will go into a booting "please wait" screen. It is safe to turn the VFC controller off at this point.
  13. Reconnect the USB cable to the player again.
  14. Turn the VFC controller back on.
  15. Verify that the firmware updated by looking at "Version Info" screen on the controller. It could take a few minutes to populate.


KB ID: DD3303729

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