Not getting the Hy-Tek Start List alpha data every time in ProSwim


  • Not getting the start list every time in ProSwim software.
  • Hy-Tek alpha data not showing in ProSwim every time.
  • Hy-Tek has the Alpha scbd interface plug-in installed.


  • Hy-Tek Swimming MM version 5.x or greater
  • OmniSport Pro Swimming
  • OmniSport 2000 ENet


  • Hy-Tek computer has the wireless network adapter set as the top priority.


1. Open your network connections by typing ncpa.cpl into the start menu search bar and hitting enter on your keyboard.  

ncpa dot cpl.jpg 

2. A network connection prompt should open up.
**Select advanced settings from the tool bar. **If your tool bar is not showing up hit F10 or ALT on your keyboard, you will need to do this for Windows 7.**ncpa advanced settings.jpg

3. An Advanced Settings window will pop up. Under the Adapters and Bindings tab move the Local Area Connection to the highest priority or the top of the list.
ncpa adapters and bindings.jpg

4. Select OK and your Local Area Connection adapter should now take highest priority. The OmniSport Pro Swimming computer should now connect to the OmniSport 2000 timer via wired network communication.

KB ID: DD3302734

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