Testing Stat Crew/DSTI Communication


  • How can I test Stat Crew/DSTI Communication?


  • Stat Crew
  • DSTI


Note: Reference How to set up Stat Crew with the All Sport, DSTI, and Venus 7000, DD2167389 for more information on Stat Crew and DSTI setup.

1. In DSTI, go to View > Monitor Ports.

2. Select the Stat Crew Stats Port, and then click OK.

Note: For more detail on DSTI port monitoring see How to use DSTI monitor ports, DD2274220.

3. Send information from the Stat Crew computer by opening a game and entering a play in Stat Crew.
  • If communication is successful, after a few seconds data will appear on the top section of the DSTI monitor window.

  • The bottom section is for monitoring data going out of DSTI. DSTI doesn't send data back to Stat Crew, it's normal for the bottom window to be blank.
monitoring statcrew data.jpg

Note: If you have incoming data but no data shows up on the display, try monitoring another port like the All Sport Serial port, or the Venus 7000 Scoreboard port. These should have incoming data and outgoing, if there is incoming but no outgoing data normally something isn't configured correctly. Check your Stat Crew setup and make sure you are using the Scoreboard output, not Stats.

If no stats are being received:
  • Stats are only sent when something changes in the Stat Crew software. Leave the monitor window open and then enter a play in Stat Crew or click Start Monitoring in TasComms32.
  • In DSTI, click the View Configuration button on the left. Confirm the DSTI settings for the Stat Crew Stats input matches the output settings in TasComms32.
Training Video on YouTube

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