Time on VNet or controller is off, unable to synchronize with time server


  • Time on VNet or display controller is off or drifting but network time server is configured.
  • Receive "An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with" failure message when clicking the "Update Now" button to synchronize time on the VNet.
  • Unable to ping the time server from on site computer.


  • VNet
  • VLink 1500
  • ValoPlay
  • Raven CDMA modem
  • Usually have a public IP that starts with 166.###.###.###
  • No internet access or internal network blocking ftp servers.


  • Ports on modem are locked down blocking NTP requests.


  1. Log into the modem with Ace Manager.
  2. Click the security tab and then Port Filtering - Outbound.
  3. Click add more and then add port 123 to the list of filtered ports and click apply.
  4. If internal or no internet access EU will need to have IT correct this issue.


  • Log onto DMP via VNC and set time locally on PC.

KB ID: DD2496571

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