Sports Wire 4000 conditional play sequence, use select frame


  • How do I set up select frame commands for Sports Wire 4000 in order to play conditional OOT content in Venus 7000?


  • Data Automation via Sports Wire 4000
  • Venus 7000


Conditional Play Sequences

The ability to display different sequences based on the status of the game (Not Started, In Progress, Finished, Delayed).  Allows users to configure different look and feel and to better utilize space. The example below illustrated the 4 frames that are supported by the conditional play sequence.


What you need to know:

  • In order to interact with each game, the display must be sectioned into windows for each game you are showing at the same time.  Ex:  If you show 4 games at a time, you need 4 windows.
  • Sports Wire sends a Select Frame command based on the game status.  Make sure that your sequences are played in “Select Frame” mode on the Venus 7000.
  • There is a new ITF (SWI4KExpandedScores.itf) file for Sports Wire 4000 “Expanded Scores”.
  • Once setup, Sports Wire will automatically send a Select Frame command based on the game status.  This triggers the Venus to play the appropriate “look”.
  • The graphics must be played in “Select Frame” mode on the V7Dsply

Setup Instructions

  1. Window the display in the Venus 7000. Each game should be in its own window
  2. Assign unique sign numbers for each window.
  3. Create the Venus 7000 sequence for the scores that will appear in the first window (Game 1 Window).  It should have six frames.  (see example illustration above)
    • Frame 1: Not Started
    • Frame 2: In progress
    • Frame 3: Final
    • Frame 4: Delayed
    • Frame 5: Used for Game With Note
    • Frame 6: Blank or Team Graphics used when number of games doesn't match how the display is configured (i.e. only three games but you are showing four games per display)
  4. Set up the Sports Wire 4000 Output:
    • When configuring an output in Sports Wire, use the output type: “Expanded Scores –Enhanced RTD”
    • The “Expanded Sign Configuration” window lets you map each game in Sports Wire to a specific Sign Number.  Map each game to match the sign numbers in the Venus 7000.
    • Restart Sports Wire after setting up the new sign numbers
    • Note: Make sure DCGI mode is disabled in the output  of Sports Wire; if it is enable no frames will be selected.
  5. Set up an RTDPlaySequence in a Venus 7000 scripting page button.
    • "Select RTD port" should be set to 16 and select next.
    • "Sign Number" should be the respective ERTD sign number to the sign you are playing out to
    • "Display mode" should be set to "2 - Selected Frame"
    • "Frame Number" should be set to 0
    • Select the sequence set up in step 3
    • All other settings should auto fill or be correct by default, and select next.
    • Then finally select finish.
  6. Test the Game one sequence.  Remember to start the sequence in Select Frame mode.
  7. After confirming that game one is operating correctly and that the sequence has the desired layout, repeat Step 3 for each “Game Window” that you created, using the appropriate RTD fields in the ITF.  Ex:  If you are displaying 4 games at the same time, you will create 4 sequences.  The Game 2 window will use the Game 2 RTD fields from the ITF.   The Game 3 window will use the Game 3 RTD fields from the ITF…and so on.

KB ID: DD2134593

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