Creating a command sign


   How do I create a command sign


  • Venus 7000


  1. From the V7shell, select Configure
  2. Select the signs tab and select add sign
  3. Name the sign something obvious like COMMAND SIGN
  4. Enter in a value for rows and columns such as 32 X 32
  5. Click on the Advanced Tab
  6. Use ERTD #99 or an unused sign number
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK
  9. Restart Sign Service
  10. From the V7shell, select Files
  11. Find the COMMAND SIGN that was created and right click on it
  12. Select Create Library and create a meaningful library for it. (For example, if communicating to a Switcher name it Switcher or Ross or VDCP)

KB ID: DD2532005

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