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Daktronics Brazil

Daktronics has installed tens of thousands of electronic scoreboards and digital display systems throughout the world. Expanding to serve our international market, our Daktronics Brazil office provides local service to better support you.

From LED video displays in shopping malls and sports venues to digital out-of-home billboards, Daktronics provides quality, customized solutions to maximize your investment.

Daktronics Brazil is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daktronics.

Daktronics do Brasil

Alameda Terracota, 215 – Cj 518 e 519 – Sala 17
Bairro Cerâmica
São Caetano do Sul - SP
CEP 09531-190

+55 11 3280-3952

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Out of Home (OOH) Advertising Solutions

Dynamic Advertising. Unprecedented Flexibility.

Just as mobile phones and tablets are reshaping our lifestyles, OOH advertising is adapting to the immediacy of today’s digital media. Daktronics offers high quality digital outdoor advertising mediums with the capability of selling multiple advertising spaces.

LED video displays, street furniture and other forms of outdoor media interact with public social spaces, connecting consumers with brands in highly engaging ways.

Out of Home Advertising

Gold Series Video Displays

Gold Series Video Displays

Simplified Design, Streamlined Delivery In Our Most Cost-Effective LED Video Display Yet

We've recently expanded our video product line with the introduction of the Gold Series, targeting digital signage in emerging markets across the globe.  This product line is built to provide a streamlined delivery and simplified design for customers looking to quickly grow their display network or introduce signage to additional locations.

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Committed to Customer Success Since 1968

Technical innovation goes beyond building LED signs; it's how a company works with its customers to solve their everyday challenges. Still wondering Why to Choose Daktronics?

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Solutions to fit your needs.

With local sales and service across the U.S. and worldwide, we build long-lasting relationships to provide you with the best possible product and service.

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Our engineers test the limits of every Daktronics product. The end result is a high-performing display that excels in even the most adverse conditions.

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Service and parts, when you need it and how you need it. Our trained technicians, located around the world, provide service to meet your standards of excellence.

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World Cup 2014 Visits Two Stadiums With Daktronics Products Cup 2014 Visits Two Stadiums With Daktronics Products2014-06-11T05:00:00ZWhen the 2014 World Cup kicks off in June, multiple first round matches will be played at two Brazil stadiums with Daktronics video displays.

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