​​​San Jose Earthquakes Call On Daktronics Creative Services To Bring Life To Their Video Display

Fan engaging content created for 2015 soccer season

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Apr. 24, 2015 – The San Jose Earthquakes wanted to make a splash with their game-day presentation at their new home, Avaya Stadium, in San Jose, California. They selected Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, to produce digital content for their LED displays throughout the venue that provides a completely branded and entertaining experience for their fans.

To capitalize on the ideas and goals of the Earthquakes, Daktronics Creative Services met early on with the team, before the 2014 season had ended, to provide content samples and storyboards and also to collaborate for the final look and style to be produced. The Earthquakes were able to play the content samples prior to finalizing the content so they could see the how the content would look in their stadium's environment.

Our creative team worked closely with other Daktronics teams to ensure more complex animations and content were functional and possible with the system that was installed, yet doing so with minimal additional effort and minimal budgetary concerns for the Earthquakes.​

Seeing the actual content and how it worked on the actual displays within the venue provided confirmation on the direction of the final production. The lead time combined with the content samples played a large role in working through ideas and determining the overall direction of the project.

"It was great to work with the Earthquakes as they had a great vision for highlighting their new stadium and their brand throughout all of their digital content," said Daktronics Creative Services Account Manager Brett Hansen. "We worked with them to develop content with their logo and pattern throughout their animation package to brand their stadium's game-day environment while also bringing an exciting atmosphere and experience for the fans."

The final content package includes logo treatments, welcome messages, matchup pieces, headshot introductions, and multiple crowd prompts such as "Goal!" and "Quakes Win!" Each of these pieces feature the same fundamental color, style and design elements to work together in branding the venue for each game. That look includes dark, gloomy backgrounds with bold blue coloring to match the Earthquakes' logo and the logo's pattern consisting of angled lines that represent a shifting of the earth's tectonic plates.

While the majority of the content was created to be loaded and played, other headshot and message templates were produced to allow the team to update messages on an event to event basis. Three different backgrounds were created for each message template that will keep the content fresh while also conforming to the overall branding of the content package. ​

With the help of Daktronics Creative Services, Earthquakes fans will receive an exciting game-day atmosphere at every game inside Avaya Stadium.