​​Animated size comparison of things that will fit in one of the Jaguars new displays, drawn to scale (human, car, semi-truck, 1-story house, 2-story house, goal posts, George Washington's head from Mount Rushmore).​

Jacksonville Jaguars to Unveil World's Largest HD Video Displays in Sports from Daktronics on July 26

Soccer Match and Concert to Surround the Unveiling Ceremony

BROOKINGS, S.D. – July 21, 2014 – This Saturday, 35.5 million LEDs will light up EverBank Field, the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, in Jacksonville, Florida, during the unveiling of the world's largest HD video displays in sports that were manufactured and installed by Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota. Surrounding the unveiling itself, EverBank Field will host a friendly soccer match between Fulham F.C. and D.C. United and then follow up with a concert by country music superstar Carrie Underwood.

"The Jaguars have done a great job in preparing an exciting unveiling event for the world's largest video displays," Daktronics Vice President of Live Events Jay Parker said. "These displays will set a precedent in professional venues in terms of the fan experience and what can be witnessed by going to the stadium. The team can show a never before seen combination of content with essentially three huge HD screens on one massive LED display. It's going to be amazing when they fire them up to host their first home football game."

The two massive end zone displays will each measure 60 feet high by 362 feet wide and feature a 13HD pixel layout. With more than 21,700 square feet of digital canvas, each display is longer than a football field and can feature three full-size HD windows for maximum versatility during any event. A section of 60 feet high by 106 feet wide provides enough real estate for such a feat while also providing an extra 44-foot-wide buffer space for additional graphics, statistics and other content.

The 13HD technology was selected for this installation for many reasons, chief among them being the high brightness that helps overcome the Florida sunlight – especially in the direct sunlight received by the north end zone. The high contrast and wide viewing angles are unmatched in the industry for this type of product, thus providing the outstanding visual impact desired by the Jaguars for their fans. ​​