Daktronics Commercial Creative Services Continues its Communicator Awards Winning Streak 

Brookings, S.D. – June 2, 2014 – Daktronics Commercial Creative Services department participated in the Communicator Awards competition for their fifth consecutive year, receiving more awards each year at an exponential rate. This year Daktronics won 23 awards – four Gold Awards of Excellence and 19 Silver Awards of Distinction.

The Communicator Awards, a leading international awards program, distinguishes big ideas in marketing and communications that leave a lasting impression. Companies are eligible if they create marketing content, making the Communicator Awards one of the largest of its kind. More than 6,000 entries are submitted annually.

Daktronics submitted diverse content. "We did not isolate the content to a particular niche. We had content from companies like Burger King and McDonald's, Times Square, as well as pre-visualizations/renderings for a local Ford/Lincoln Dealership in North Carolina, Harrah's Gaming/Casino, and the GGP Cumberland Mall," said Kelly Hanson, Creative Services digital artist.

Gina Peterson, the manager of Commercial Creative Services, said that these awards validate the credibility of Daktronics in the marketplace. "These awards are significant because our business is focused on our customer's patron. If we are successful as communicators to an end user, then we are achieving our goal of winning the glance, potentially increasing traffic to their business and generating more revenue. These awards prove that we are delivering on our promise as a partner."

Peterson said that Creative Services is humbled by the awards and recognizes the body of work was a team effort.

Daktronics Creative Services focuses on creating stimulating and relevant content for the entire market, including product users, sign companies, and corporations. The team establishes industry-leading LED signage best practice guidelines for digital display content that optimizes the technology while leveraging the characteristics of such as a marketing tool.

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For more information, please visit: http://www.daktronics.com/creativeservices.