HS-200 Horn Start

The OmniSport® HS-200 horn start gives your swim timing system clear, concise start commands with a distinct start tone and simultaneous flash to signal the start of a race. Up to ten individual lane speakers and an auxiliary speaker can be connected to the horn start. Individual sealed volume controls for the internal speaker and the lane speakers allow the starter to make adjustments to ensure that all athletes have equal levels of sound.

Select the Practice Mode to allow the horn start to Start every 2-3 seconds and the Competition Mode to allow a Start/Tone/Strobe only when a timer control console is connected and ready. A new battery charging system prevents the internal battery from being discharged too low, thereby extending the battery lifetime up to or past 5 years of reliable operation.

Horn Start System


Model: HS-200

Dimensions: H=12" W=8" D=14"
Weight: 14 lb.

Construction: Durable, Lightweight Aluminum




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Wireless Horn Start

Wireless Horn Start



Lane Speaker

Lane Speaker & Auxiliary Speaker



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