Portable Pace Clock

This portable LED pace clock includes 11 different internal timing programs. In addition to starting, stopping, resetting and sounding the horn, operators may use the switches on the side of the display to select the desired program and configure its settings. Available in both indoor and outdoor models.


Sport Scored: Swimming, Water Polo
Digit Sizes:7"
Dimensions: H = 0' 9" W = 2' 0" D = 0' 5"
Control:OmniSport 2000, All Sport 1600, All Sport 5000
Digit Technology:PanaView
Construction: Alcoa aluminum alloy 5052
Cabinet Color: Semi-gloss black

Product Documents

Weather-Sealed Digits

Don't let corrosion bring your scoreboard down on game day. Daktronics weather-sealed digits significantly increase reliability and product performance. No other LED scoreboard manufacturer offers this kind of protection.

  • 1/8 inch layer of weather-tight silicone gel
  • Applied to front and back of internal digits
  • Completely seals out moisture
  • Unmatched resistance to the harshest of conditions
View Outdoor Digits

Scoreboard Enhancements 

Scoreboard Options & Related Products

Your main scoreboard provides vital information, but the enhancements surrounding the scoreboard make the most impact in a facility. Daktronics is constantly developing new options and enhancements to accompany scoreboards. Browse through your scoreboard options to see how you can create a unique display.





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