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Theatre Rigging

Cutting-edge rigging technology for any performing arts venue.

With pre-engineered wireways and easy-to-use stage level controls, Daktronics provides a level of convenience never before seen in stage rigging.



Install vortek hoists in your school, theatre, worship facility or other entertainment venues. Multiple configuration options available.

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Coupled with the Vortek line of motorized hoists, Daktronics rigging package is an ideal solution for both new construction and renovation projects alike.

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Banner Hoists

Our compact, lightweight Banner hoists are perfect for hard-to-access areas or when making sensitive acoustical adjustments.

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Ensure a swift and reliable commissioning with a complete package of accessories and features.

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Safety First

A continuously applied load break protects every hoist's drum. Loft blocks with molded side guards precisely guide the lines and promote longer wire rope life. Controls have administrative access levels, standard emergency stop switch, full status monitoring and load profiling.


"the safest system I have ever seen.."

The Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, Portugal, renovated its performing arts facility last year. "...Without any doubt, the Daktronics system is the safest system I have ever seen," said Siamanto Ismaily, Technical Director.

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Daktronics Motorized Stage Rigging Systems Features

Configured to manage performance rigging and show control requirements of all complexities and budgets including:
  • basic up/down movements of heavy stage electric and acoustical panel line sets.
  • high-speed, high-capacity theatrical rigging with sophisticated cueing sequences.



Design versatility saves installation time and construction costs, and can reduce the needed building space and additional steel requirements that manual counterweight rigging systems need.

Quick turnaround times between shows allows for more bookings in a facility.

Simple to Use

Intuitive touch screens and menus with up/down emergency stops. All of our controllers have adjustable ramped speeds, automated cueing, joystick and wired remote controllers.

All of this can be easily operated from a seated position, giving your operators confidence and consistency.


Systems are self-contained, lightweight, adjustable and easily installed. You can utilize space in a facility with the typical underhung, vertical or inverted hoist options.






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Automated Rigging vs. Counterweight Systems. What are the advantages?

Besides the obvious ease and simplicity in managing line sets, Daktronics automated stage rigging systems can decrease building space prerequisites.

They also reduce unnecessary heavy-duty support steel, grid space, wall space and other requirements to accommodate manual counterweight rigging systems.



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