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In every event at a rodeo, seconds count. For all events, keeping track of the times and scores to display to contestants and fans is essential. Daktronics scoreboards and displays are informative, versatile, and customizable.

Use the links below to see the many ways to use LED technology to boost revenue and get your fans into the events – all with the ability to scale up or down to best fit your facility.

Products to make every seat the best seat in the house.

LED Video Displays

Combine live video with up-to-the-minute sports statistics, timing and results information. LED video displays offer high resolution full-color graphics capable of custom animations and video advertisements. Daktronics offers permanent and mobile displays to meet all of your video needs.Create a home team advantage with exciting live video, replays and graphics.

  • Fans can watch all the excitement in every event with a live video feed.
  • Show times and standings clearly with real-time data.
  • Maximize revenue potential with sponsored promotions and video advertisements.
  • Use Daktronics mobile & modular products for national and regional tours. Get the same look and feel at every event.

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Scoring & Timing Systems

View a complete line of numeric scoreboards and rodeo timing systems.

View scoreboards & timing systems

Message Displays

Use message displays for game information, advertising upcoming events and cheer graphics. Use throughout facility for wayfinding, or add on to scoreboard for a custom look.

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Give every fan the ultimate sound experience with a sound system from Daktronics.

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Control Systems & Software

Our line of control systems and software make it easy for operators keep track of scores and stats. Send game information to scoreboards and displays to show sports fans everything they need to know.

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Media Visions: Brooks & Dunn - The Last RodeoBrooks & DunnMedia Visions: Brooks & Dunn - The Last RodeoWP-15463BirminghamGP0|#eec602f7-0366-4a4f-93d1-d9d3f72781c2;L0|#0eec602f7-0366-4a4f-93d1-d9d3f72781c2|Alabama:AL;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
Oklahoma State Fair ArenaOklahoma State FairOklahoma State Fair ArenaWP-15378Oklahoma CityGP0|#b641f2c3-ea72-4476-95e3-fc672ab38c43;L0|#0b641f2c3-ea72-4476-95e3-fc672ab38c43|Oklahoma:OK;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
National Finals Rodeo (NFR)Thomas And Mack CenterNational Finals Rodeo (NFR)WP-15582Las VegasGP0|#d0ffeb7c-7ac7-4df4-bf13-2916bd24b132;L0|#0d0ffeb7c-7ac7-4df4-bf13-2916bd24b132|Nevada:NV;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d
Red Horse Ranch ArenaRed Horse Ranch ArenaRed Horse Ranch ArenaWP-13516Fergus FallsGP0|#497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425;L0|#0497a7b1b-a876-482f-ab01-45d030a85425|Minnesota:MN;GTSet|#40ec3996-05a4-4b29-be11-accbb09263e3;GPP|#250d4c9d-ec42-43d6-b50b-21dddfa79496GP0|#bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85;L0|#0bcb51922-bc5d-4f17-b95b-de5455d1da85|United States:USA;GTSet|#3e339a2e-a8ca-45f0-a9b0-4c41af93626d


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Additional Product Applications


Marquees are a great way to get your events in the public eye. Increase ticket sales for upcoming events, show up-to-the-minute stats and game information and promote matches year-round.

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Ribbon Displays

Continue your advertising flexibility with ribbon displays along the fascia of the your arena, or as an exterior accent.

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