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Mobile Modular​

Creative LED Display Solutions for the Rental and Staging World

For more than 40 years, Daktronics has specialized in developing cutting-edge display solutions that inform, entertain and interact with audiences big and small. As a specialized division of Daktronics, the Mobile and Modular Video Group (MMVG) helps clients implement innovative portable video systems for a variety of rental, staging and touring purposes.

From freeform LED products that let set designers run wild with creative staging concepts to mobile display vehicles that make renting out large-scale video a breeze, the MMVG works closely with each individual client to develop creative, cost-effective video applications that add energy and excitement to any concert, festival or corporate event. Take Daktronics along for your next event.​

Auto Shows

Add dramatic visual dynamics to shows of all makes & models.

From massive center stage video walls to flexible freeform video elements, our engineers go the extra mile to offer one of the industry's most diverse catalogs of innovative LED video solutions, helping customers transform ordinary showroom floors into stunning fortresses of visual interactivity.


Why use Dynamic LED Video Displays at your Show?

  • Create a powerful presence when unveiling that new product
  • Enjoy stunning, high-resolution video at ultra-close viewing distances
  • Show up close and personal details
  • Setup, teardown and transport in a breeze



Award Shows, Corporate Shows

From regional business meetings to international awards ceremonies, Daktronics offers a wide variety of creative LED video solutions that add excitement and visual drama to events of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it be a compact indoor display for a hotel convention center or a massive mobile video truck for an outdoor stadium, the Daktronics Mobile & Modular Video Group works closely with each individual client to develop and implement transportable display networks that inform, entertain and interact with event attendees, while making setup and teardown quick and easy.


Why use Dynamic LED Video Displays at your Show?

  • Create stunning multi-dimensional video presentations
  • Enjoy eye-catching, high-resolution video at short viewing distances
  • Thin, lightweight panels that combine to form massive video walls
  • Entertain and inform audiences anywhere, anytime.

Concert Touring

Daktronics extensive catalog of mobile, modular and freeform LED video products offers designers a countless variety of onstage video options, adding excitement, drama and interactivity to any touring event. From modular video panels designed for lightning-fast setup and teardown to creative freeform video elements that offer a limitless variety of shapes, the Daktronics Mobile and Modular Video Group works closely with customers to provide the tools needed to create a memorable tour that will leave a lasting impression on fans.

Why use Dynamic LED Video Displays on Your Tours?

  • Captivate audiences through eye-catching video
  • Design stunning center-stage displays with multiple creative possibilities
  • Setup and teardown a display in just minutes
  • Control and manage multiple displays with ease
  • Create the visual experience of a lifetime for audiences 



Festivals & Sporting Events

From massive video walls for outdoor festivals to compact displays for high-school athletic tournaments, Daktronics boasts one of the industry's most diverse catalogs of portable LED video products designed specifically for festivals and sporting events.

With a wide variety indoor and outdoor solutions available, the Daktronics Mobile and Modular Video Group makes it easier than ever to bring stunning, high-quality video to athletic complexes, auditoriums, and parks of all shapes and sizes, adding excitement and entertainment value to any sporting event or festival.



Why use Dynamic LED Video Displays at Your Event?

  • Engage crowds and attract sponsors
  • Create flexible, cost-efficient advertising mediums
  • Increase potential customer traffic to events
  • Control and manage multiple displays with ease
  • Leave a lasting impression on event attendees
  • Setup, teardown and transport is a breeze

Mobile & Modular Products


Get up close and personal with your Daktronics LED screen.


Keep people involved, even if they're in the parking lot.

Trucks & Trailers

These systems are a compact entertainment solution.



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