Time and Temperature display, Outdoor J-box, Cannot communicate, Time is off


  • Time is off on Time and Temperature display.
  • Time may update once but will not update a second time. 
  • Cannot update or communicate to the display using the DM-100 handheld.


  • DF-1010, DF-1011
  • DataTime
  • Time and Temperature
  • DM-100 handheld
  • Outdoor J-box


  • Signal out wiring from J-Box to Host Driver Enclosure.


  • Rewire J-box according to the chart below except leave the brown and blue wires disconnected. 
    • Note: The blue and brown wires are not needed for communication to the display. These wires were added at a later time and are used only for diagnostics within the DM-100 handheld.
  • Detailed information for wiring the j-box to the Enclosure Terminal Block can be found in the following Manuals/Drawings.  Please review both Drawings to determine if it matches your enclosure style.

KB ID: DD2300918

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