How to set the DM-100 Handheld function?


  • How to set the DM-100 handheld function?


  • DM-100 Handheld
  • Fuelight, DataTime, or DataMaster Displays


  1. Power on the DM-100 handheld
  2. During the boot up sequence on the DM-100, when the message on screen is "Change Function? Press Set Function", press the Clear (Set Function) key on the DM-100 handheld.
  3. Next use the up and down arrows on the right side of the keypad to search for the correct function then press enter.
  4. Functions are:
    • "Cash/Credit" to be used with DF-2300 series Fuel Price signs
    • "Time and Temp" to be used with DF-1010s or DF-1011
    • "Event Timer" to be used with count down timers
    • "Event Counter"  to be used with count up timers
    • "Lottery" to be used with lottery signs
    • "Rate Displays" to be used with hotel rate displays International Fuelink Price signs
    • "Gas price" to be used with most Fuel Price signs

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