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What’s New in 2012 for DakStats® Baseball

BROOKINGS, S.D. – April 12, 2012 – Daktronics, Inc. (Nasdaq – DAKT) of Brookings, S.D., is proud to announce its latest release of baseball scoring and statistic software for the 2012 season. The new release features over 20 enhancements that enable operators to elevate their game day presentations like never before. This includes new statistics and data graphics in addition to improved operator functionality to ensure this season will feature the most complete baseball statistic software in the industry.

The DakStats® Baseball software is now capable of creating new data graphics which display bullpen information as well as single-inning scores for individual batters.

By selecting all of the pitchers in the bullpen at the start of the game, operators have the ability for the information on the display to update automatically with the pitchers that remain as the game progresses. This can be used for both home and away teams, and can be grouped by right-handed pitchers and left-handed pitchers.

The single-inning graphic idea was conceptualized by the Cincinnati Reds®, then Daktronics developed it into a feature that can now be used at any MLB© stadium. This provides a new way to show how individual players performed in an inning. The Scorebook Generator automatically takes the data and converts it into scoring text that provides that also provides an easy way for fans to see how their team performed.

The 2012 Baseball release also includes several new stats that are available at the operator's fingertips: 
    o New data for the Scoreboard Stream: 
        • On-base percentage (OBP) and slugging percentage (SLG) due-ups 
        • Home and guest current pitcher strike percentage 
        • Home and guest pitcher opponent batting average 
        • Home and guest pitcher save opportunities 
        • Team at bat, team in the field 
    o Added new stats to the DakStats® game summary output: 
        • Multi-home run games 
        • Manually update the following fields for home and guest on the game control 
           screen: wins, losses, win percentage, games back, last 10 and streak.

Along with new data graphics and stats, the 2012 release also includes many operational improvements based off feedback Daktronics has received from baseball operators around the country: 
    o Batter strikeouts have been added to the “Edit Season Stats” screen. 
    o Season batting average is now on the DakStats® main entry screen to help check 
       for successful Game Day Baseball download. 
    o Added verification to the download process to ensure successful and complete 
    o Changed the software to keep player position as assigned by DakStats® operator 
       after Game Day Baseball download. 
    o Added option to override MLB© schedule to manually select home and visiting 
    o Added ability to download standings and leaders separate from full game files so 
       standings and leaders information can be update more frequently. 
    o Added ability to manually update league-wide standings information.