Daktronics Partners with Syntigo to Equip Belgium Train Stations with LED Displays

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Daktronics, Inc. (Nasdaq – DAKT) has recently partnered with Syntigo, specialists in implementing information and communication technologies, and installed four of light-emitting diode (LED) video displays in Belgium’s most frequented train stations. With two displays in Antwerp Station, one display in Gent Central Station, one display in Brussel Midi Station and one display set to be installed in Brussel Central Station, Daktronics and Syntigo are helping contribute to Clear Channel Belgium’s initiative to go digital.

For this project, Daktronics provided displays to Syntigo, who in turn worked with Publifer Belgium, co-owned by the Belgium railway operators and Clear Channel, to install the displays in the train stations listed above.

“We’re impressed by the outcome and are very pleased to have worked with Daktronics teams who have shown how professional and reactive they can be for a project like this with a lot of time pressure,” said Ronald Van Kerckhove, General Manager at Publifer.

“The project was very challenging due to the fact that many parties were involved,” said Carlos Verez, Daktronics Sales Representative. “The key to winning this project was the ability to provide an extremely quick turnaround time for design and installation, which included a final product with a European custom-designed, glass-enclosed cabinet. We’re extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to the Brussel Central Station installation.”

The LED displays are part of Daktronics new four millimeter line of product featuring a contrast-enhanced display face that ensures richer colors and superior image detail. This product offers wide viewing angles and exceptional brightness in a close viewing environment.

All displays are serving as advertising panels with 20 hours of running time per day in the train station locations with a sizeable amount of passers-by. All displays are controlled by Clear Channel.